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Kansas 6 Hour Plumber CE Package - 6P Code

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Our servers can handle over 1,000 students at any one time.

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Course Outline / Agenda:
Overview of Workplace Safety                                    (2700 words; 20 min)
a)      OSHA
b)      Who is responsible for a safe work environment?
c)      Worker safety for plumbers (general rules)
i)      Eye Injuries
ii)     Cuts and wounds
d)      Safety concerns for the consumer
e)      Review Questions

Hazardous Substances/Environmental Risks                (2800 words; 20 min)
a)      Lead
i)      Lead in drinking water
ii)     The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
b)      Asbestos & Asbestos-Cement Pipe
c)      Review Questions

Hazardous Substances/Environmental Risks (Part 2)       (2200 words; 20 min)
a)      Mold
i)      "Toxic mold"
ii)     Mold remediation
b)      Adhesives and solvents
c)      Dangers associated with metal piping
d)      Mercury
e)      Review Questions

Flammable/Combustible Materials & Biohazards    (3000 words; 20 min)
a)      Fuel gas
b)      Hydrogen sulfide & other sewer gases
c)      Raw sewage
d)      Droppings (rodent, etc.)
e)      Additional perils
f)      Review Questions

Physical Strains                                                        (2600 words; 20 min)
a)      Working in awkward positions
b)      Heavy or awkward lifting & proper lifting techniques
c)      How to avoid injury from lifting
d)      Working in confined spaces
e)      Excavations and trenches
f)      Review Questions

Physical Strains (Part 2)                                               (2600 words; 20 min)
a)      Working in cold weather; first aid and prevention
b)      Working in warm conditions
c)      Excessive noise & vibration
d)      Review Questions

Physical Hazards                                                        (2400 words; 20 min)
a)      Electrical hazards
i)      Electric shocks from power tools
ii)     Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters
iii)    Electric shocks while working on electrical systems
iv)     Electric shocks from ground faults that affect the work area
v)      Overheating from inadequate insulation
b)      Review Questions

Physical Hazards (Part 2)                                       (2600 words; 20 min)
a)      Burns from hot equipment or steam
i)      Protecting customers from scalding
b)      Eye injury from flying particles
c)      Injury from hand tools or worksite hazards (ladders)
d)      Review Questions

Physical Hazards (Part 3) & Review of Course Material   (2100 words; 20 min)
a)      Slips, trips and falls from working in a wet environment
i)      Protecting customers from slips in tubs and showers
b)      Extended work days and working alone
c)      Review of Course Material: Safety hazards
d)      Review of Course Material: Safety recommendations
e)      Review Questions

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Chris D'Amato



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