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Kansas 3 Hr Safety Training for Plumbers - 3P

Title of Program:
Kansas 3 Hr Safety Training for Plumbers

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At Your Pace Online

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Tim Bell

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531 NE F Street

Date of Seminar:
Approval Date - 12/31/2017

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Course Capacity:
Our online system can handle any number of students at anytime of day or night.

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Course Outline / Agenda:
1) Introductory Video                            (5 min)

2) Overview of workplace safety                  (17 min)                               OSHA
-Who is responsible for a safe work environment?
-State Plan States
-Worker safety for plumbers (general rules)
-Eye injuries
-Cuts and wounds
-Safety Concerns for the Consumer

3) Hazardous Substances & Environmental Risk     (40 min)
-Lead in drinking water
-The Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
-Asbestos & Asbestos-cement pipe
-Toxic mold
-Mold remediation
-Adhesives and solvents
-Dangers associated with metal piping

4) Workplace Hazards                             (23 min)
-Flammable or combustible material
-Fuel gas
-Hydrogen sulfide
-Other sewer gases
-Raw sewage
-Droppings (rodent, etc.)
-Additional perils

5) Physical Strains                              (40 min)
-Working in awkward positions
-Heavy or awkward lifting
-Proper lifting techniques
-How to avoid injury from lifting
-Working in confined spaces
-Excavations and trenches
-Working in cold weather
-Cold weather risks and first aid; Preventing cold stress
-Working in warm conditions
-Excessive noise & vibration

6) Physical Hazards                              (45 min)
-Electrical hazards
-Electric shocks from power tools
-Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters
-Electric shocks while working on electrical systems
-Electric shocks from ground faults that affect the work area
-Overheating from inadequate insulation
-Burns from hot equipment or steam
-Protecting Customers from Scalding
-Eye injury from flying particles
-Injury from hand tools or worksite hazards (ladders)
-Slips, trips and falls from working in a wet environment
-Extended workdays and working alone

7) Review of class material                      (10 min)
-Safety hazards
-Safety recommendations

Location of Seminar (Name and Address):

Instructor's Name and Credentials/Resume:
Chris D’Amato

Credentials: Heimos Plumbing; George Heimos Owner 06/1990-1993
Worked as a laborer during the summers. Digging, shop duties, stock purchase, and inventory management.
Heimos Plumbing: George Heimos, Owner 06/1996-05/1998
Apprentice plumber through the state of OR Apprenticeship program. Worked under a journeyman plumber in residential, and commercial plumbing.
A-1 Speedy Plumbing
Apprentice Plumber, through the State of OR Apprenticeship Program, was in the commercial industrial division.
Bob Brandes Plumbing 01/1999-03/2001
Apprentice Plumber through the State of OR Apprenticeship Program. Completed Apprenticeship while plumbing multi-million dollar custom homes.
Scotts Plumbing; Scott Ogden Owner 4/2001-01/2006
Journeyman Plumber, acting as foreman; performing all aspects of plumbing, new construction, light commercial, remodels, and service.
Self Employed; DBA Almeda Plumbing 01/2006-Present
Manage a multifaceted plumbing shop with emphasis on quality and efficiency. Coordinating a wide range of services, from Property Management Service accounts to plumbing whole subdivisions, or providing plumbing services to the State of OR in large living facilities.

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