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Kansas 3 Hour 2012 UPC Updates: Chapters 1-6 - 3P Code

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Course Outline / Agenda:
1.      History of the UPC       (1285 words, 13 min)

a.      Origins
b.      Development
c.      The UPC (2012)

2.      Uniform Plumbing Code vs. International Plumbing Code                   (1038 words, 10 min)
a.      Overview
b.      State by State
c.      A Comparison: the UPC and the IPC
d.      The 2012 ANSI Uniform Plumbing Code
e.      Organization
f.      Appendices
g.      How Changes are Delineated in the 2012 UPC

3.      Chapter One: Administration   (631 words, 6 min)
a.      Reorganization of section numbers
b.      Conflicts Between Codes (101.4)
c.      Authority Having Jurisdiction (102)
d.      Board of Appeals (102.3)

4.      Chapter Two: Definitions        (1665 words, 17 min)
a.      Relocated Definitions
b.      New Definitions for Nonpotable Water Codes
c.      Gray Water (209)
d.      Building Supply
e.      Design Flood Elevation
f.      Effective Ground-Fault Current Path
g.      PE-RT
h.      Quick Disconnect Devices

5.      Chapter Three: General Regulations(1140 words, 11 min)
a.      Deleted Sections
b.      301.1 Minimum Standards
c.      301.3 Flood Hazard Areas

6.      Chapter Four: Fixtures & Fittings(4535 words, 45 min)
a.      Reorganization of Chapter Four
b.      Minimum Number of Required Fixtures (422)
c.      Accessible Plumbing Facilities (402.7)
d.      Pre-Rinse Spray Valve (403.5)
e.      Showers (408)
f.      Bathtubs and Whirlpool Bathtubs (409)
g.      Bidets (410)
h.      Flushing Devices for Water Closets and Urinals (413)
i.      Dishwashing Machines (414)
j.      Drinking Fountains (415 – all new code Section)
k.      Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment (416 – all new code Section)
l.      Faucets and Fixture Fittings (417 – all new code Section)
m.      Food Waste Disposal Units (419 – all new code Section)
n.      Sinks (420 – all new code Section)

7.      Chapter Five: Water Heaters      (2509 words, 25 min)
a.      Overview
b.      Definitions Removed
c.      Additional Headings
d.      Makeup Air (506.1.3)
e.      Support of Appliances (507.1.1)
f.      Added or Converted Appliances (507.6)
g.      Installation in Garages (507.13)
h.      Accessibility for Service (507.26)
i.      Venting of Appliances (509)
j.      Vent Terminals (509.8.5)
k.      Chimney and Vent Locations (510.1.10) Height Entries (510.1.17 & 510.2.26) & Chimneys and Vents (510.2.19)

8.      Chapter Six: Water Supply & Distribution                                        (4024 words, 40 min)
a.      Joints & Connections (605)
b.      Alternate Water Sources 601.2.2.1
c.      Changes in terminology
d.      Removed Code from 601 (Hot & Cold Water Required)
e.      Approval of Devices or Assemblies
f.      Backflow Prevention Devices, Assemblies & Methods (603.3)
g.      Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker (603.5.1)
h.      Steam or Hot Water Boilers (603.5.9)
i.      Beverage Dispensers (603.5.12)
j.      Water Treatment Units
k.      Potable Water Outlets & Valves (603.5.18)
l.      Materials
m.      Flexible Corrugated Connectors (604.12) & Water Heater Connectors (604.13)
n.      Gravity Supply Tanks (607.1)
o.      Size of Potable Water Piping (610)
p.      Drinking Water Treatment Units (611)

9.      Appendix C: Alternate Plumbing Systems                                  (1494 words, 15 min)
a.      Entire Appendix Moved
b.      Minor Changes
c.      Vacuum Drainage Systems (C 7.0)

10.     Appendix E: Manufactured/Mobile Home Parks and RV Parks                 (1089 words, 11 min)
a.      Codes made more strict
b.      Cathodic Protection Requirement (E 28.0)
c.      Oil Supply Connections (E 35.3)

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