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Kansas 5 Hour 2012 UPC Updates: Chapters 7-17 - 5P Code

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Course Outline / Agenda:
Chapter Seven: Sanitary Drainage                                                (2290 words, 23 min)
a.      Test for Surface-Burning Characteristics of Drainage Piping (701.1(2))
b.      New pipe material added to Table 701.1
c.      Joints and Connections (705)

Drainage of Fixtures Located Below the Next Upstream Manhole or Below the Main Sewer Level (710)                                                        (265 words, 3 min)
a.      Additional minor revisions to Chapter 7

Appendix H: Private Sewage Disposal Systems                                     (495 words, 5 min)
a.      Appendix moved from 2009
b.      Table H 2.1(1) Estimated Waste/Sewage Flow Rates
c.      Septic Tank Construction (H 5)
d.      Commercial or Industrial Special Liquid-Waste Disposal (H 9)

Chapter Eight: Indirect Wastes                                                  (753 words, 8 min)
a.      Indirect Waste Receptors (804)
b.      Condensate Wastes and Control (814)
c.      Appendix B: Explanatory Notes on Combination Waste and Vent Systems

Chapter Nine: Vents                                                             (552 words, 6 min)
a.      Materials; Applicable Standards (903.1)
b.      Air admittance valves
c.      Appendix G Sizing of Venting Systems Serving Appliances Equipped with Draft Hoods, Category 1 Appliances, and Appliances Listed for Use with Type B Vents
d.      Appendix J Combination of Indoor and Outdoor Combustion and Ventilation Opening Design

Chapter Ten: Traps & Interceptors                                               (1445 words, 14 min)
a.      Traps Required (1001)
b.      Removal of additional modifiers
c.      Chapter Eleven: Storm Drains
d.      Where Required (1101.1)
e.      Material Uses (1101.3)
f.      Additional modifier removed
g.      Subsoil Drains (1102.5)

Chapter Twelve: Gas Fuel Piping                                                 (8026 words, 80 min)
a.      Scope of Gas Piping (1201)
b.      Definitions Removed
c.      Tightening of the code
d.      Minor Revisions
e.      Maximum Gas Demand (1208.4.1)
f.      Flange Gaskets (1208.5.11)
g.      Meter Protection (1208.5.3)
h.      Gas Pressure Regulators (1208.7)
i.      Overpressure Protection (1208.7.1)
j.      Venting (1208.7.5)
k.      Expansion and Flexibility (1208.11)
l.      Piping Underground Beneath Buildings
m.      Conduit with Both Ends Terminating Indoors
n.      Installation of Piping (1210.2)
o.      Other than Dry Gas (2009 UPC 1211.2.3)
p.      Prohibited Locations (1210.2.3)
q.      Connections (1210.3.1)
r.      Gas Pipe Turns (1210.7)
s.      Bonding of CSST Gas Piping (1210.15.2)
t.      Appliance Shutoff Valves and Connections (1211.5)
u.      Gas Convenience Outlets (1211.7)
v.      Test Pressure (1213.3)
w.      Purging Requirements (1213.6)
x.      Revised Tables 1216.2 (2) & 1216.2 (3) Schedule 40 Metallic Pipe
y.      Revised Tables 1216.2 (19)-(21) & 1216.2 (34)-(35) Polyethylene Plastic Pipe

Chapter Thirteen: Health Care Facilities                                                (1020 words, 10 min)
a.      Minor changes
b.      Deleted codes
c.      Purge Gas (1318.7)
d.      Testing and Inspection (1326)
e.      Medical Air Compressors (1324.2)

Appendix F: Firefighter Breathing Air Replenishment Systems                     (753 words, 8 min)
a.      New Definitions (F 2.0)
b.      Welding Requirements (F11.2)
c.      Air Sampling (F 12.5)

Reasons for the New Chapters and Appendices in the UPC                  (1140 words, 11 min)
a.      The problem
b.      The Overall Water Supply
c.      Efficient water use

Chapter Sixteen: Alternative Sources for Nonpotable Water Applications          (3175 words, 32 min)
a.      Overview
b.      Illustrations
c.      System Design (1601.2)
d.      Permit (1601.3)
e.      Maintenance and Inspections (1601.5)
f.      Additional Codes for Section 1601
g.      Gray Water Systems (1602)
h.      [Gray Water] Connections to Potable and Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems (1602.3)
i.      Additional Codes on Gray Water
j.      Gray Water System Color and Marking Information (1602.12)
k.      Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems (1603)
l.      Additional Codes on Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems
m.      On-Site Treated Nonpotable Water Systems (1604)

Chapter Seventeen: Nonpotable Rainwater Catchment Systems                       (3152 words, 32 min)
a.      Overview
b.      History of Rainwater Catchment
c.      Advantages of Rainwater Catchment
d.      Disadvantages of Rainwater Catchment
e.      Scope of Chapter 17 and Components of Rainwater Catchment Systems (1701.1 & 1702.1)
f.      Plumbing Plan Submission (1702.2)
g.      Connections to Potable or Reclaimed (Recycled) Water Systems (1702.4)
h.      Additional Codes on Nonpotable Rainwater Catchment Systems
i.      Collections Surfaces (1702.7.4 & 1702.9.3)
j.      Prohibited Discharges (1702.9.3.1)
k.      Minimum Water Quality (1702.9.4)
l.      Rainwater Storage Tanks (1702.9.5)
m.      Opening and Access Protection (1702.9.5.6)
n.      Required Filters (1602.9.11)
o.      Additional Requirements
p.      Cross-Connection Test & Discovery of Cross-Connection (1702.11.2.2 & 1702.11.2.3)
q.      Marking

Appendix K Potable Rainwater Catchment Systems                          (1507 words, 15 min)
a.      Overview
b.      General provisions
c.      Plumbing Materials and Systems (K 101.4.21)
d.      Frequency of Maintenance and Inspection (K 101.5.1)
e.      Maintenance Responsibility & Maintenance Log (K 101.5.3 & K 101.5.2)
f.      Operation and Maintenance Manual (K 101.6)
g.      Minimum Water Quality Requirements (K 101.7)
h.      System Controls (K 101.9)
i.      Connection (K 102.0)
j.      Collections Surfaces (K 103.1)
k.      Storage Tanks (K 103.3)
l.      Minimum Water Quality (K 104.2)
m.      Filtration Devices & Disinfection Devices (K 104.2.1 & K 104.2.2)
n.      Inlets & Primary Tank Outlets (K 104.4.4 & K 104.4.5)
o.      Pumps (K 104.5)
p.      Water Quality Devices and Equipment (K 104.7)
q.      Filtration and Disinfection Systems (K 104.7.1 & K 104.10) & Debris Screen (K 104.9)
r.      Freeze Protection (K 104.8)
s.      Drain Discharge & Automatic Drain (K 104.9.3 & K 104.9.4)

Appendix L Sustainable Practices                                                (4045 words, 40 min)
a.      Overview
b.      Definitions
c.      General requirements
d.      Water Conservation and Efficiency (L 401.0)
e.      Fountains and Other Water Features (L 403.0)
f.      Meters (L 404.0)
g.      Water-Powered Sump Pumps (L 405.0)
h.      Alternate Water Sources (L 501.0)
i.      Water Heating Design, Equipment and Installation (L 601.0)
j.      Pools (L 603.4.6)
k.      Heat Traps, Space Heating and Water Heating, & Heat Recovery for Service Water Heating (603.4.7, 603.5.1 & 603.5.3)
l.      Solar Water Heating Systems (L 604.0)
m.      Method of Calculating Water Savings (L 801.0)

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