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Master or Journeyman Irrigation Contractor Exams

  • Exams are proctored by Kansas PHCC.
  • Books may be purchased at Kansas PHCC.
  • Exams are open book.
  • If you are interested in taking either of the above Exams click on the "Sign up here" link below. Joleen will call or email you about your request when received.
  • If you have purchased books and are ready to take the exam call Joleen at 316-943-7100
  • Kansas PHCC Journeyman Irrigation Exam:Cost of examination will be $175.00. One hour time limit to complete. 
  • Kansas PHCC Master Irrigation Exam:  Cost of examination will be $225.00. Two hours time limit to complete.   
  • Books that will be used as Study Guides can be purchased at KPHCC


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